The beacons provide a safe and effective alternative to pyrotechnic or chemical flares.

Eflare's mission is to develop highest quality personal risk reduction safety beacons built to professional standards of fitness for purpose, reliability, ruggedness and conspicuity.

Eflare's beacons are compact, easily deployable with impressive battery life and avoid the night vision, point fixation and distance judgement problems associated with strobe and incandescent lights.
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This single colour flashing Eflare is available is a range of colours to suit many industrial applications: red, amber, blue, green or white. It is particularly suited to warning and communications where a specific colour indicates a definite situation.
    This single colour steady on Eflare beacon is suited to many aviation applications, it is available in either red, amber, blue, green or white.
      This is Eflare's popular emergency services flashing beacon as it successfully combines two colours in a powerful flash. The 50-50 balance of both colours suits many users where both colours match the emergency service identification. Applications include
        This Eflare emits an infra-red light thru the same lens as conventional light beacons. The applications include a variety of highly specialist outlets, mainly military, defence and security.
          This Eflare beacon has been specifically designed to fit into a road safety triangle lifting the visibility of the triangle to a kilometer at night. The compact dimensions enable it to be easily stored.