Maklarbak TTC Magazine

 Starting out with such an innovative piece as the TTC-Follower, bringing innovation, tactical advantages and performance into every standard issue alloy magazine, the TTC-MAG had to reach higher. The TTC-MAG is not your everyday range time magazine, just bearing the Time to Change designation sends that message clearly. The TTC-MAG is an extremely durable special operations magazine and has been subject to more than two years of test & evaluation. We have pushed magazine design to a whole new level to deliver a product that matches up the highest expectations of the enduser who demands the best gear. An enduser that has no room for error.
• Bullet Stack compensating curve geometri
• Extreme environment Polymers
• Self-lubricating TTC-Follower with curve compensation geometri
• Drop-free capabilities
• Increased reloading speed
• Increased safety
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